About Us

Tectrad, Inc. is an Export Management and Trading Co. based in Houston, Texas, USA.
We began operations in 1983 as a marine and electrical offshore supply
company and today meets customer requirements for a broad range of material,
equipment, and supplies such as lighting, cable, circuit breakers, switches, starters and
motors; spare parts for almost all equipment and machinery made in the USA.  We strive
to provide our trading partners a USA shopping center for their specific needs. Within
these broad categories are several areas of unique specialization such as marine
cables, instrumentation, miniature lighting, air and gas compressor parts, tires, pump
parts, parts for drilling equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration parts and
components and fasteners and tools.

The owners of Tectrad, Inc. work there every day thus providing the greatest asset for our
Trading Partners, an extremely high level of responsiveness and service. Our president
Thomas Cangelose, is frequently found stuffing boxes at the packing table or manning a
forklift during shipping operations. An excellent grouping of skills for the partenership of
our management team. Engineering knowledge, technical ability, and logistics
expertise give us a definite advantage on both ends of any transaction from sourcing the
product through final delivery to you. Ethical business practice, fair and equitable
pricing and long range approach to business make Tectrad, Inc. your most valuable
supply resource in the USA. We want your business this week, next week and next year as
well. To that end we give your inquiry prompt and professional attention no matter the
value. Every order is important to you, and that makes it equally important to Tectrad,

Tectrad, Inc. policy and ability has withstood the test of time. Our first client, a
Mideastern electrical supply house, is still ordering goods from Tectrad, Inc. every day.
We are shipping 500-2000 kg per week to this company. We believe this is proof that our
approach to business is correct. We refer to our clients as Trading Partners as a matter of
policy. The terminology serves as a strong reminder to both management and staff that
our economic health is directly tied to yours and influences our approach to every
quotation and order.